My Cardiac Coherence Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

HeartMath Inner Balance Lightning Sensor and App Review. Can This Tech End Stress?

HeartMath Inner Balance http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we look at the Inner Balance App and Sensor from HeartMath. The idea is that by training your breathing and thinking, you can alter your...

Heartmath Inner Balance iphone app Review

Hi, this is my honest review on the Heartmath Inner balance device that I have had for the iphone for about 2 years now. This is a great device although a bit expensive for what you get. ...

emWave2 vs Azumio HRV Stress Check App for Android

I tested Stress Check by Azumio simultaneously with the emWave2 and I found a decent correlation between my Coherence scores and stress and Azumio stress score. So based on the data below I...


My Inner Balance HeartMath Review +Surprise GIVEAWAY! Thank you for watching! With the Inner Balance App and Sensor you can learn to achieve coherence – a synchronization between the heart,...

Polar H7 HRV Monitoring w/ Elite HRV App

I picked up a new fitness geeked-out gadget last week, a Polar H7 heart rate monitor. I've been using it in conjunction with the Elite HRV app on my iPhone to track the health of my CNS. ...

Inner Balance App by HeartMath

Breathe with Kardia

Kardia is an Android/iOS app for relaxation based on paced breathing. It helps you fight stress and anxiety, fall asleep, meditate and reach cardiac coherence.

emWave2 Review

Check Out My Full emWave2 Review @

Heart Rate Feedback Games

This video shows how heart rate feedback (biofeedback) is used to create a unique and powerful video game, that builds your abilities to manage your stress and achieve optimal performance....

Harnessing Your Heart to Increase Mental Performance

Ben Greenfield discusses how to use heart rate variability testing to increase your mental performance.

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